Watch as snowball survives 1,100 degrees of molten steel

When confronted with the question: “what are the chances of a snowball surviving in temperatures of up to 1,100ºC?” even ShapeCUT’s highly qualified metal cutting technicians might be tempted to say: “zero”.However, on watching the video, you’re going to have to redefine your preconceived ideas of what is possible and what isn’t, as a compacted globe of pure white snow is submerged in a vat of molten steel before somehow being pulled out fully intact. This is snow joke, watch the video and be amazed!

OK, so the snowball boasted a little bit of outside help, in the form of a 3D-printed plastic sphere, designed using nickel and alumina-silicate. This sphere was then coated in dry ice, before being plunged into the unforgiving depths of the boiling liquid metal.

GE, who thrive on changing perceptions and technology in a variety of industrial sectors, carried out the experiment, conducted in conjunction with the anniversary of Thomas Edison’s birth, to showcase how heat-resistant certain materials – used in aeronautics and nuclear structures – are.

In this case, the bubbling molten steel contained in the vat was unable to affect the inside temperature of the 3D-printed sphere, and therefore the snowball was able to remain at a glacial temperature of -100ºC. It looks like we’re going to have to take suggestions to replace the often-uttered phrase, ‘a snowball’s chance in hell’ – because we reckon this sphere of frozen ice would have a fairly good time down in Satan’s domain.

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