Steel: The secret ingredient of superheroes

If there’s one element that helps the heroes of the Marvel cinematic universe save the entire human race, time and time again, it’s steel. From unbreakable shields to ferocious claws, steel is the weapon of choice for many of Marvel’s heroes. Here are just some of the mighty heroes who use steel to save the day, and our bacon.

Captain America

Captain America is known for two things: standing up for justice and his mighty steel shield. The shield is Cap’s primary weapon in fighting the bad guys and it was created by cutting steel, composed of a unique alloy of steel and the fictional meteoric rock vibranium, into a disc-shaped object, making it virtually indestructible. This allows Captain America to perform some of the most superhuman tricks you’ve ever seen.

Black Panther

Black Panther is protector and king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda. Dressed in an all black suit, made from weaved steel and Vibranium, Black Panther also possesses retractable steel claws, which were created by a laser cutting machine in a lab. Fast, strong and highly skilled, the Black Panther is not a hero you’d want to mess with – if you were a villain hell-bent on taking over the world, that is.


Played by Australia’s very own Hugh Jackman, Wolverine is best known for his bulging muscles and the claws that protrude from between his knuckles. These claws are made from the indestructible, fictional steel adamantium. Whether slicing and dicing his way towards save the day, Wolverine’s steel claws make him one of the coolest and most-loved characters in superhero cinema.

Iron Man

Iron Man is literally a superhero made from steel! After suffering a severe chest injury, American billionaire playboy and ingenious engineer, Tony Stark creates a powered suit, made up of a series of technologically advanced interconnected steel plates. Once together, these steel plates are the source of Iron Man’s hi-tech power.

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